Faith Bible College, located in Norfolk,  VA, provides  biblical higher education with academic excellence from the perspective of conservative, evangelical Christianity.  FBC provides many opportunities for the practical application of ministry skills in an urban setting.  The College also prepares men and women for service in missions both in the United States and overseas.  The small ratio of students to faculty facilitates in-depth classroom learning and the building of life-long collegial relationships.  Since most courses are taught in the evenings, students are able to work full-time and still pursue their biblical education.


Unlocking the Bible

A Tuition-Free Course*


*A $25.00 registration fee is required

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A Must For:

  • Serious students of God's Word
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Bible study leaders

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Survey the New Testament

A chronological study of the four Gospels and Acts, emphasizing the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and the Apostles, highlighting the distinctive contributions of each book.

Morning and Evening Classes Available

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