Ways to study with FBC

We hope you find the following information helpful, as you look into how you’d like to learn with us! Please contact the Registrar with questions or to talk further about your specific situation.

Please note: All courses will require the student to purchase their own textbooks. Textbook information is available in the syllabus on our website prior to the start of classes.

We'd like to help you decide on the direction of your education, whether you are hoping for a degree, or just interested in gaining some biblically sound training, one course at a time. Look over our definitions and let us know how you would like to fit into our body of students here at FBC.

Credit student: must apply to the college; receives course materials from instructor; required to do all assignments, tests, etc.; attendance required; receives a letter grade; transcripts available
Note: Two references are needed to apply to FBC - one from your pastor, one from a non-relative

Audit student: receives course materials from instructor; may do assignments, take tests, etc. but will be graded at the discretion of the instructor; attendance encouraged; grade will be pass/fail; no credit awarded; verification letter of attendance available

Live-Stream student: only available to those living outside the Southside (5 cities) Hampton Roads area; geographic exceptions evaluated on a case-by-case basis
Live-Stream Credit – same requirements as Credit student
Live-Stream Audit – same requirements as Audit student with the exception of tuition cost (see tuition calculator)

Dual-Credit student: for high school students; must complete requirements as Credit student; receives college credit

Spouse Discount: credit students spouse may come and sit in on classes at no charge, but will receive no materials and will not be able to take tests, quizzes, etc. nor receive credit

Full-time Credit Student Discount: pay for 12 credit hours, 13-18 credit hours for no charge (per semester)