Sexual Harassment

Faith Bible College is determined to provide a campus environment that is free of sexual harassment of any kind. Staff members and teaching faculty members are responsible to implement the College’s policy on sexual harassment.
“Sexual harassment” is defined as unwelcomed and unsolicited conduct of a sexual nature, physical or verbal, by a member of the opposite sex or the same sex. It is a violation of FBC’s policy on sexual harassment to seek personal or professional gain, advancement or consideration in return for sexual favors, to retaliate if accused of sexual harassment, or to make an intentionally false accusation of sexual harassment.

Any person who feels offended by the behavior of any other person in the college community is encouraged to resolve the problem informally prior to filing a grievance for sexual harassment. The person who feels offended should make it clear to the offending party that the behavior is offensive to him or her. If the harassment stops, then the offended person need not file a formal grievance. However, if the inappropriate speech or conduct does not stop, then the person who has experienced the sexual harassment should notify the class instructor, the Registrar or another staff member.

Unless he is implicated in the issue, incidences of sexual harassment will be reported within 60 days to the Registrar using the Sexual Harassment Report Form. The complainant will explain in writing the nature of the harassment and indicate what remedy he or she seeks. If the Registrar is accused of sexual harassment, the report shall be filed with the Vice President of Academic Affairs, who will then investigate the matter. A report of the investigation with recommendations will be submitted to the President for final resolution.
Once the grievance has been initiated, the Registrar or other investigation team leader, shall advise all appropriate students, faculty, or staff members of the actions to be taken, and will arrange for a meeting with the accusing party. After the initial investigation, the accused party will be notified of the accusation, and given an opportunity to provide an explanation of his or her behavior.
After this preliminary inquiry of both parties has been conducted, the staff members conducting the investigation will determine if further investigation of the incident is necessary. In this case they will also determine if legal assistance is needed.

If the accused party is suspected of having engaged in sexual harassment, he or she will be suspended from his duties until the investigation is completed. If the accused party is found guilty of sexual harassment or of violating the college’s sexual harassment policy, the investigation team shall determine the appropriate disciplinary action, which may include one or more of the following: probation, censure or reprimand, demotion, suspension without pay, recommendation for termination, discharge, or expulsion. The President will also determine if there is a legal requirement to report the incident to the local police.
Except in the case of extenuating circumstances, the investigation shall be completed within 60 days from the date the initial grievance was filed. If the charge is proven false or malicious, all references to the charge shall be expunged from the records of the accused, and the leader of the investigation team shall determine the next course of action to be taken against the accuser.