Research Resources

FBC Online Catalog: View all FBC materials that are available for check out. Search for books by topic, author or title.

Galaxie/Lumina:Theological journals are valuable resources for Biblical research.

Galaxie provides full-length online articles from conservative evangelical journals with a Christian worldview. Research from these articles may be used for FBC papers.

Lumina provides full Scripture passages, their Hebrew/Greek definitions, parallel Bible translations, relevant maps, and more. Lumina links the Galaxie articles that are relevant to each Scripture reference/passage. (If you have any difficulty maneuvering through this site, take a look at the Galaxie/Lumina At A Glance resource below.)

NOTE: The necessary password is given only to FBC credit students or FBC audit students who have paid a technology fee.

Biblical Reference List: This guide gives you a basic description of many vital types of Biblical resources (commentaries, concordances, handbooks, etc.) and how they can enhance your research. Many of these resources are now available both in print and electronically.

What is a credible source? How can you tell if a source is credible, especially if you find it online? This simple ABCD guideline gives you sound advice on how to judge whether a source is worthy of your attention and your research.

Research Paper Writing Helps

Research paper guidelines and basic MLA format tips: Review essential research criteria for academic assignments. Use this MLA rubric (checklist) as you research and write your next paper. Always refer to your instructors criteria for specific element requirements. They are the authority in determining your paper’s content.

State Your Case: Writing an MLA Research Paper is an actual paper about how to write a paper! This can be used as both a tutorial on what needs to be included in a proper research paper, as well as a sample of how MLA papers need to be laid out.

Library Tips

Library of Congress: Brush up on how to find books under the Library of Congress call number classification. (It’s not as hard as you may think!)

Galaxie/Lumina at a Glance: This mini-tutorial is designed to help you navigate through the Galaxie and Lumina online site.