Qualification for Ministry Leadership (15 Hours)

The Qualification for Ministry Leadership is designed for ministry leaders or those who want to be. Whether you are a small group leader, deacon, youth worker, or are serving the Lord in any leadership capacity, FBC can train you to become more biblically sound, confident in your skills, and better prepared for ministry. 






















Inspiring the Volunteer Ministry Leader

Unlocking the Bible

Hermeneutics (Biblical interpretation)

Any one course of Old Testament or New Testament Survey

Any combination of the following courses:

    Any 1-hour course in practical ministry*:

    Any Old or New Testament Survey course (3 credits each)

    Personal Evangelism (3 credits)

    Introduction to Apologetics (3 credits)

    Missions and World Evangelism (3 credits)

    Christian (Systematic) Theology I or II (3 credits each)

    Lesson Preparation and Delivery (3 credits)

    Public Speaking (3 credits)

    History of Music in the Christian Church (3 credits)

    Introduction to Counseling (3 credits)

Total Credit Hours Required

* 1-hour Course offerings in subsequent semesters will include areas such as leadership, children, youth, deacon/elder, technology, worship, etc.