Business Professionals

Faith Bible College is the answer to my prayers and has had a soul stirring impact upon my life. Three years ago, I was looking to find a local Bible College so that I could gain fundamental and substantive knowledge about God’s Word. I also wanted to be able to take classes at night while continuing to work during the day.

I responded to a Faith Bible College advertisement which had run in the local newspaper, and the rest is history. I began that Fall semester by taking Survey of the New Testament and have taken one class each semester ever since. Through Faith Bible College I have come to understand and honor the mission of the school which is to know Christ and to make Him known. I have come to appreciate professors who are not only knowledgeable but who love God and care about the students.

Most importantly, I have gained insight into God’s Word and have with confidence used that insight in reaching out to others and in fulfilling my personal ministry work.

I thank God for FBC and pray that more students will come to discover this gem that I have discovered.

Ann Wright, Attorney