A couple of years ago, I was privileged to take a course in Hermeneutics (the art and science of biblical interpretation) from Faith Bible College, taught by Dale Parker. It proved to be the most interesting and useful academic exercise I’ve encountered in 18 years of formal education and 30 years in the Coast Guard, because it was guided by the Holy Spirit.

Even though I had been in various Bible Studies for 40 years, the FBC course helped me to understand the importance of digging deeply to understand why human authors recorded God’s Word the way they did, what God intended to communicate through them, and how each of us can apply scripture in different personal ways because of the gifts God has given us. I recommend this course to anyone who seeks a better understanding of God’s inspired Word to us.

The FBC course in Hermeneutics has been particularly helpful in ministering to international military Christians, each of whom applies Scripture in slightly different ways than we do. Despite our difference in appearance, dress, language, and application, we agree that we are "all one in Christ Jesus".

Pete Prindle, ACCTS Director of Operations