Performance Metrics

Graduation and Retention Rates                                                                  

FBC considers the academic year 2010 as the base for calculating its graduation rate.  Thus, the seven credit students enrolled in that year constitute the school's first freshman class.

The FBC student body is non-traditional; students take one or two courses a semester at night while working full time jobs during the day.  This rate of course completion mandates a projected time of completion for an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies of about five years.  Current graduation rate is 13.3%.

FBC maintained an average retention rate of forty-four percent (44%) since AY 2010 for credit students.  The rate is fifteen percent (15%) for AY 2010, forty percent (40%) for AY 2011, nineteen percent (19%) for AY 2012, twenty-seven percent (27%) for AY 2013, eighty-three percent (83%) for AY 2014, one hundred-fifteen percent (115%) for AY 2015, nine percent (9%) for AY 2016, and forty-four percent (44%) for AY 2017.

Student Employment                                                                                 

Students who attend FBC have filled paid positions of ministry in local churches while studying at FBC.  Current examples include senior pastor, associate pastor, host of a religious radio program, and military Religious Education director.

Students also fill numerous volunteer positions in local church ministry and community outreach.  These include homeless shelter outreach, deacon, lay preacher, Sunday School teacher, sports coach, sports camp leader, Awana, church webmaster, receptionist, accountant, Board of Trustees, youth leader, men's ministry, international student ministry, ministry to military and their families, food pantry, Child Evangelism Fellowship, ACCTS, and prison ministry.