Why Faith Bible College?

Because God wants you to be as prepared as possible for serving Him.  Perhaps you desire to go to the mission field or into local Christian service. Or maybe more than once you have been caught off guard by a friend or co-worker with a question about your faith.  You want to be better prepared but you cannot think about getting a 4-year degree at this time in your life.  FBC's flexible day and night courses may be perfect for your schedule. 

Small class sizes allow you to ask questions and participate in discussions that can help you answer those questions with confidence and assurance.  The apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 2:15 urged his readers and us, "Be diligent (study) to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed , handling accurately the word of truth." Knowing God more intimately and handling God's truth accurately are the foremost goals of Faith Bible College.  The instruction at Faith Bible College is biblically sound and taught with a spirit of grace.

"Attending FBC is a step of preparation that has been a proven way of life and growth, as I prepare for God's greater plan for me. My classes have been taught by professors who demonstrate a love for God, His Word, and His people; as well as a commitment to truth and the well-being of their students. This encourages me to continue my studies at FBC, while endeavoring to do the will of God with an expectation of continued growth. Thank you FBC representatives for allowing God to establish your steps that lives may be changed and God be glorified."    - Valerie J.
"FBC is providing me with my future in a setting that is comfortable for my learning style. Though the classes can be challenging, I am never stressed by coming into the classes themselves. Learning about God's love in a place that displays God's love is crazy awesome and I am so grateful!" - Lydia C.

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