Standards of Conduct

Since Christians uphold the name of Christ, they represent Him daily as His ambassadors in the world. Thus, all FBC students, faculty, and administrators are to live according to the moral and ethical standards of the Scriptures as they grow in spiritual maturity and reflect the character of Christ in their lives. As such, they are to live holy and wholesome lives in and out of the classroom, while maintaining an active fellowship with a local church.

The spirit of the FBC Standards of Conduct requires members of the FBC community to make careful decisions in all areas of life and conduct, especially in those cases where the Bible may not give explicit direction. Thus, College personnel should be careful to uplift others in manner and speech, wear modest clothing, engage in wholesome entertainment and leisure activities, be industrious in academic and professional pursuits, and exhibit attitudes that are virtuous and encouraging. This type of Christian conduct will greatly nurture corporate as well as individual spiritual growth and civility within the college community.

Students who violate the FBC Standards of Conduct are subject to disciplinary action. A Disciplinary Review Board will examine each reported infraction to decide what, if any, disciplinary action should be taken. After an interview with the person involved, the Board will consider the nature of the problem, the individual's attitude, and the person's previous conduct as part of its assessment. If warranted, the violator will be disciplined, which may include counseling, probation, or expulsion. The Disciplinary Review Board will also determine if there is a legal requirement to report the alleged infraction to the local police.

The following examples of misconduct are regarded as grounds for expulsion or removal: drunkenness, illicit drug use, occult practices, sexual immorality, pornography, physical violence, profanity, stealing, cheating, plagiarism, and dishonesty (Galatians 5:19-21).